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Photography: Uzi Porat

Photography: Lior Teitler

Superplay, a hot and innovative gaming company, has redesigned and revamped their office space with the help of Samuelov Studio. This two-floor office is located in the Levinstein Tower in Tel Aviv, and has undergone massive changes in order to transform into a fun and innovative space. 


 Each element in the new office space works together to create something playful and adaptable to a worker’s needs. This new work environment is young and flexible, providing alternative work areas, lounges with erasable boards, and even a bright orange staircase that creates movement in the room. The new space implements a plethora of open space stations, creating a fluid workspace that allows for movement.


With the use of elements like bold colors, the two floors of this office space have undergone a beautiful metamorphosis into a fun and simple place to spend your work day. 


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