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The design of the largest startup center in central Europe, House of Startups in Luxembourg (HoST), tells the story of the city and the people who live there, and offers young technology companies a perfect work environment.  The project, which occupies more than 6,000 meters spread out over 5 stories, is right in the heart of Luxembourg City and offers office spaces, meeting rooms, various types of open-plan work spaces, a conference center, and plenty of communal spaces.  In the building, which is nearing the final stages of occupancy, more than 200 startup companies will ultimately be operating, creating a complete Eco-system.

Our Studio , which specializes in user experience and interior design, was selected by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce from among numerous international designers It was chosen for its unique design approach—a perspective which places the user at the center and succeeds in expressing the many stories that make up a brand or a company through spatial design.

Photo: Vincent Remy