Address: Harakevet 22, Tel Aviv  6618301


Tooling interior design to create a unique environment in concert with the store's exciting Music theme for an elevated shopping experience. Kley-Zemer is Israel's largest retail chain for music instruments and sound equipment. Attempting to reframe the decades-old story of the brand, we have designed a store that encompasses in one complex, a broad range of instruments and music genres. In part it is thanks to the intelligent display system installed on the store's perimeter, displaying candid and silent colors, which do not outshine objects of commercial value and is flexible enough to accommodate the whole range. The space centers a pair of round dramatic display fixtures, made of wood and iron, packed from the in- and outside with electric guitars and amplifiers, enveloping a semi-open play & practice hub. The store's overall design language communicates stillness and calm, leaving center stage to the amazing congregate of music instruments.

Photo: Regev Kalaf