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Photography: Uzi Porat

Our work for Kaufman, one of the leading importers and distributors in the fields of health, comfort, design and lifestyle in Israel, was full of creativity. Kaufman Group is steadily expanding in all directions, from the web to brick and mortar. The newly created logistical center for the Kaufman space needed to depict this growth, as well as house and showcase all of its brands. It needed to embody a logistical center, but it also needed character and design.  


The inspiration for this design utilized the personality of all of Kaufman's brands, this includes the classic Italian design (Natuzzi), the comfort and ergonomics (Dr. Gav), the young vibe (Marley), and others. Through the diversity of the designs and the adhesion to Kaufman's brands, this space brings life and joy to each who enters.

Photography: Uzi Porat.

Contractor: Gidi Keidar

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