Address: Harakevet 22, Tel Aviv  6618301


Workspace design for a company whose business is marketing airplane parts throughout the world.  

The design language corresponds with the world of aviation. It tells the story in a lighthearted and communicative way, whilst retaining minimalism and sophistication, but without descending into kitsch.
We chose to work with materials that echoed the physical side of the company’s business – engineering artifacts at the highest level, which were planned to withstand high stresses and extreme forces such as concrete, Corten steel, steel mesh, natural wood, tin, and glass.  The integrity of these materials, juxtaposed against one another, creates an underlying sense of drama which tells part of the story of the company and inspires employees and visitors.

Specific graphic and styling details – The picture is completed with daring graphics which reflect a lighter, more humorous side of the company. This includes minimalist runways on the floor, wall graphics combining human and machine, and aviation artifacts carefully curated from around the world (and the company’s own warehouses).