Address: Harakevet 22, Tel Aviv  6618301


The story of "BaraHerbs" (plant creation) is embedded in the seam between nature and medical science. The company imports more than 700 types of plants from all over the world and with various extraction methods, some traditional and some very technological, uses them to compound natural remedies. The project included the renovation of the entire building (2,000 sq.), built in the early eighties and earlier has housed tech companies. The spaces in the building have been converted into production areas, laboratories, a visitor center, offices, treatment rooms and a store. The store depicted in the photos is the entrance and the gate to the "Bara House" for customers, visitors and employees. The experience in the store is built on the tension between the natural and the artificial, and maintains a close contact with the woods outside. As a central motif we have chosen the image of a tree, which we have filtered through modern materials and colors. One of the "trees" is built around a constructive pillar and together they produce an experiential centerpiece in the store and encourage retail ambling. We have used the same motif, casting a combination of glass shelves and graphics in the pharmaceutical area of the store, transmitting a more clinical-medical sensation. The materials selected for the project - bamboo rough parquet, local terrazzo tiles, lumped oak wood, black iron and glass, preserve a natural and comfortable feeling without sacrificing drama and story. Intimate sitting is integrated in the space, a professional library and a natural smoothies’ bar that flows and continues also out of the store. All elements are orchestrated to reinforce the anthropocentric message and create a holistic hosting experience that goes far beyond conventional retail spaces.

Photo: Itay Sikolski.